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About us

All houses are different. Just as you and me. This was something we wanted to take into account when we developed our Manetos system for heating. Our vision was to make it easy for people to upgrade their existing heating system with smart new features and save energy without having to exchange the heat system.

In our development process we started with very practical needs. When family life is the most intense, it is not easy to make time for a heating system in the basement. As part of the daily routine, people switch off lights and turns off the TV when they leave their home, but with heating it's different story. For Manetos, it has therefore been important to come up with a solution that saves energy and optimize heat completely automatically from both living patterns as how the house envionment works from a heating point of view. Another important insight that has guided us though this process is knowing that the sense of comfort is always an individual experience. Taking this into account we therefore developed the Manetos product to fit everyones needs. With Manetos Heat Control its always going to be the way you want it. With the ability to save enery, this service is beneficial both for environmental reasons as well as for your wallet.

We work continuously to refine and develop our service. All changes in the software works exactly the same way as when you get an update on your mobile phone. So don't be suprised if you wake up one day and discover that Manetos Heat Control has become an even sharper service. This is just the beginning.