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On this page we have collected the most common questions and answers about Manetos Home Kit. Click on the topic you want to know more about. If you can't find the answer you are looking for, please contact us at

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How much energy can I save?

We have now tested the service for three years in villas in different parts of Sweden. Research shows that home owners can save up to 30 percent of their heating costs. The most common is to reach a saving of around 15-17 percent. How much you save depends strongly on your houses preferences as well as on the heting systems characteristics, and not the least on how you use Manetos. As an example, you save more if you turn the away mode on when on vacation. You can also save more by switching to a cooler temperature during night. The Manetos service can be seen as a good tool to get control over your heating.

How does Manetos differ from other products on the market?

With the Manetos Home Kit, you upgrade your old heating systems with new smart features. The Manetos system detects how your house works and learns how long it will take for your house to warm up. At the same time, you can always adjust your settings according to your individual preferences. This differs from a timer function as Manetos Home Kit automatically self-adjust the heating depending on the prevailing weather conditions and other external factors. The service also differs from remote services and systems that visualize your energy consumption. Manetos goes a step further and fully automate your heating. We simply see that your house has a comfortable indoor climate without wasting energy, time or money!


What equipment is included in the Manetos system?

The equipment will be brought by an installer

1 st main unit

2 st wireless temperature sensor incl. batteries

3 st pipe sensors

Peripherals (power adapter, cables and ev. Repeater and antenna amplifiers)

How do I login to MyManetos?

You can log on through your browser or download MyManetos app on the Appstore or Google Play. You can access the application via your smartphone, tablet or computer. Our app works with Android and iOS. Login details will be sent to your e-mail after installation.

What are the guarantees?

We have a customer satisfaction guarantee that includes free return policy until October 1, 2017, and two-year product warranty.

How do I contact your support?

Please send an email to or call our customer support 08-21 20 12. We will happily assist you.

If I have a lot of rooms, do I need to complement with more temperature sensors?

Extra sensors are not required. Manetos only control the central heating source which means that Manetos teaches the heating system to maintain a more even temperature in the house, as well as reduce heat when you are not home. You can still use your old room thermostats to balance the heat in the various rooms, This works just as usual.

Where can I buy Manetos?

Manetos will go on sale in autumn 2016. Currently Manetos is only available on the Swedish market.

Why can't I install Manetos myself?

To make it as easy as possible for you we offer professional installation. Although it is fairly easy to install the system, we have chosen to let professional installers do the job to ensure that everything is done the right way. In addition to the installation we also include an inspection of your heating system to ensure that it's working properly.


What happens after installation?

When the installation is completed, the learning period where Manetos learns how your unique house and the heating system works is started. After about two weeks, we know enough about your house to begin to take control. In this first control phase, the Manetos system only strive to maintain an even indoor temperature, that's the preferred temperature you inserted in the MyManetos app.

After one to two weeks we will release the schedule that lets you control the system with temperature variations during day and night. Only at this stage, the system will adjust the heat to the schedule in MyManetos app. Your heating system is now fully out automated and ensures that you always have your desired comfort temperature when you are at home and save heat when away.


What do I need to consider when installing?

What to consider before installation:

√ the heating system needs to be fully functional

√ the heating system should be accessible

√ an outlet in the boiler room is requirred (maximum 1 m from the heating system, if you don't have an extension cord, please contact us if you want to install a new electrical outlet)


How long does it take to install Manetos?

Normally, the installation is completed within one hour.


How does the installation work?

The installer connects the main unit to your heating system by connecting it between your heating system and your existing outdoor sensor. This means that we cut the outdoor sensor cable to directly communicate with your heating system. This procedue is done without having to open up the heating system. The method is simple and safe and it is easy to restore if you want to stop using the Manetos system. The next step is to mount temperature sensors. The outdoor temperature sensor measures your outdoor temperature and is therefore mounted in a window on the north side with a sensor cable brought out through the window. The indoor sensor measures your indoor temperature, and is placed in a room you're often staying in. When the installation is completed, the installer checks that the signal strength and communication between all the devices operate correctly. After the installation we help you get started with the MyManetos app.


What is MyManetos?

MyManetos is the app where you can adjust your desired temperature and schedule. You get a quick overview of the indoor temperature, outdoor temperature and how much you save. We are constantly developing MyManetos and are very open for new features and improvments. Do you have thoughts and ideas how we can make Manetos even better, feel free to contact us with feedback. We built Manetos for your personal comfort and would love to improve it further.


Can I control lights and other electronic equipment with Manetos?

We're working on a solution that will be able to control lighting and other features in the home. Naturally, we ensure that all products from Manetos can communicate with each other to create a magical user experience. We welcome your feedback and ideas on how we can develop the product further.


When can I begin to control via MyManetos user application?

The first two weeks with Manetos you can only set your preferred ideal temperature in the house. Manetos will then strive to keep an even temperature and learn your houses preferences. During this period, your weekly schedule is not activated.

After one to two weeks when Manetos has enough knowledge about your house, we will release the schedule. Only at this stage, the system will adjust the heating according to your weekly schedule in MyManetos app. Your heating system is now fully out automated and ensures that you always have your desired comfort temperature when you are at home and save heat when away.


How do I set my schedule?

You set your desired settings in MyManetos weekly schedule. You will be able to log into the application after installation.


How do I cancel my MyManetos subscription?

You may at any time leave the service without additional charge. Mail your cancellation to or contact us at 08-21 20 12.


I will not be home the same time each day

If you come home a little later or earlier, you will not notice much of a change in temperature. The key is to bring down the average temperature in your house during the day. As the house normally take several hours to heat, you won't be affected if the time you come home differ one or two hours. The house will almost have reached the comfort temperature by then. 


Does Manetos work for all heating systems?

Manetos works for all water based heating systems. Manetos is compatible with direct electricity, oil, geothermal heating and pellet. Your heating system should also have an external temperature sensor connected to the system, this is the standard in most systems.


Can I use Manetos to control the temperature in different rooms?

No, in the first version of Manetos we only control the central heating source. Do not hesitate to contact us if you want to have functions for temperature control in different rooms so we include that in upcoming releases of Manetos.


I have several heat sources, can Manetos handle that?

No Unfortunately not. In the first version of Manetos we only control the central heating source. Do not hesitate to contact us at if you want features management of multiple heat sources in future versions of Manetos.


I do not have internet access, does Manetos work without a connection?

Yes, we are using mobile data and are independent of the internet. The main unit that communicates with our cloud service has a SIM card and use M2M communications (GPRS / GSM).


What is required for me to be able to install Manetos?

You must have a water based heating system, nothing else.


What is the difference between Manetos and a regular timer function?

Unlike a timer function, Manetos calculate when the heating needs to start to be able to reach the right temparature at a certain time. The heating time can differ depending on the prevailing outdoor temperature and other external factors. Manetos slowly increase the temperature in the house, which avoids unneccessary heating spikes.


I live in an apartment, can I use Manetos?

A common question that we unfortunately have to say no to. However, we will test the Manetos in apartment buildings during the winter of 2016/17. Subscribe to our newsletter to keep updated of our latest news.


Do I not consume more energy by turning off and turning on the heat compared to having a constant uniform indoor temperature?

No, it is a myth that we have proven to be wrong. We have tested Manetos in several houses with different preferences for several years, In many cases, reaching savings of at least 15%.


Is it really safe to put the responsibility for the warming to Manetos?

Yes, with Manetos, you get a much better management and control of your heating. Your heating system can not be damaged by Manetos because we do not affect the heating system directly. Manetos control through the outdoor temperature sensor cable.


What happens if I am disconnected?

We use mobile data communication, which means that the risk of breaking the connection is minimal. If the connection still would be lost the only thing that happens is that you temporarily will not be able to adjust Manetos through the app.


How do you measure savings?

We compare the average indoor temperature before and after the Manetos has taken over control of your heating system. During the learning period, the system measures the average daily temperature in your house and then compare it with the average daily temperature after the learning period when Manetos has taken over the control. For each lowered degree, you saves about 5% of energy consumption (according to the Energy Agency model).

We also use a performance indicator model which calculates how much less your heating system has had to work through Manetos. Normally, a heating system is working 100% but Manetos reduces the heat during periods when it is not needed, for example when the sun heats or when you are not home.


How do you communicate from Manetos to the cloud?

The main unit communicates with the cloud via mobile data.


How do you communicate the main unit with the wireless temperature sensors in the house?

The main unit uses an energy efficient protocol called 802.15.4 6LoWPAN (really cool stuff).


How does Manetos save me money?

Manetos saves you money by lowering your average daily temperature. When your average home temperature is lowered by one degree, the energy saving is about 5 percent. The combination of a lowered daily average temperature and keeping a more even indoor temperature by reducing the heat when you do not need it. This will save you money. How much you save depends strongly on your personal preferences and settings. We give you a tool to control the heating in a simple and easy way, and at the same time save money.


How does Manetos work?

Unlike traditional control of your heat source we do not require that you have to change your behavior or must constantly be active to get a better comfort in your house. We want everything to be easy. Manetos is a self-learning system and adapts automatically to your house and your schedule. The intelligent system calculates when heating should begin to make sure that it's nice and warm when you get home. When you are not at home, and during the night, Manetos automatically regulate the heat to avoid unnecessary energy consumption. You get a more precise heat control, energy savings and improved indoor comfort.


Where are you located?

Manetos headquartered in Stockholm on Linnégatan, were we developed Manetos. Production takes place at our manufacturing partners Flextronics in Linköping.


What does the name Manetos from?

Just like the jellyfish, Manetos has it's own intelligence and self-learning ability. Thats why we choose the name Manetos.


How do I regret my purchase?

Of course you can cancel your purchase. Our customer satisfaction guarantee allows free return policy until October 31, 2017. After this, a 3-month withdrawal. Tell us on if you regret your purchase. Read more about the withdrawal on our Terms and Conditions.